Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Srdjan Gavrilovic BscArch
Nenad Jakovljevic BscCivEng

Just a few days ago I have received an information that I had won a second prize for Bridge project over Djetinja River in Uzice - Serbia and Monte Negro...

The main idea was to connect two posts by bridge which represent a logical extension of street matrix that connect central city area with an other side of the river - housing area with sports facilities using elements such as liquid substance, river flow shapes, water, sun that passes over, shoal that exist in water.

Basic elements of such structure are a constitutive elements of spatial as well as design of a form of a fish that glitters while jumping from the river flow. The shape of the bridge follows the logic of lightly curved structure of the bridge construction and the bridge is divided into two zones - a vehicle zone and pedestrian zone. Those two different zones are divided by fence. A pedestrian zone is shaped with a light structure that covers and looks like a shoal.

Thus, the bridge becomes a form that produce resemblance with fish, while complete surroundings follows a logic of shaping space by river flow using elements such as "connection", "remembrance" - on old and existing bridge, "scene" - possibility to form a summer scene using water flow as a theatre.

Pictures in order of apperance:
1. at the top -Shoal
2-5. Bridge projections - 3d model

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